Book Reviews


“In Neglected No More: The Urgent Need to Improve the Lives of Canada’s Elders in the Wake of a Pandemic, André Picard makes a compelling case for transforming how society cares for older people” – The Lancet

“All [of Picard’s] suggestions make sense. We should all hope and demand that he’ll be heeded. . . . Highly recommended.” —Vancouver Sun

“[E]veryone who may have elders to care for, and/or may end up as an elder in need of care themselves—which is to say, everyone—should read this book, and press our governments to heed Picard’s warnings and wise advice.” —Montreal Review of Books

“Neglected No More is a powerful, well-researched, eloquently written book that dives deep into why and how Canada fails its elders.” —Forbes

“Picard . . . is odds-on Canada’s premier health-care journalist. His columns in the Globe and Mail are intelligent, incisive and frequently revelatory. So is this book.” —Winnipeg Free Press

Praise for Matters of Life and Death: Public Health Issues in Canada:

 “Over the past 30 years, André Picard has become the most prominent Canadian commentator on the intersection between medicine and social values. His new book, Matters of Life and Death, a selection of some of his most powerful columns written for The Globe and Mail, further establishes his unique voice in discussions about Canadian health-care policy. . . . The extent of Picard’s influence has accrued because he stands outside medicine and the academy—he has no formal training in health care. This allows him a skepticism and clear-sightedness that has made him an indispensable medical writer.” —The Globe and Mail

“If ill-informed health policy debates are part of the problem, this new book from journalist André Picard is an important part of the solution. Matters of Life and Death distills Picard’s 30 years of experience covering the health policy beat into a bracing dose of fact and analysis. And his elegant voice as a prose stylist is the spoonful of sugar that makes even his more alarming and discouraging passages go down smoothly. . . . This is a remarkable and useful book, rich with anecdotes, facts and statistics and often providing thoughtful suggestions for the big-picture reforms that the author believes would improve Canadian health service.” —Vancouver Sun

Speaking Reviews

The fine quality of your speech reflects the time and hard work you put into developing it.

– President and CEO of Northwind Professional Institute

He had the audience captivated from start to finish, it is obvious that not only is he knowledgeable but that he also loves what he does. Could you please pass on our gratitude to him and reiterate that we appreciate his time.

– Community of Federal Regulators Secretariat

Compelling, interesting and provocative. The audience was spellbound, and I am quite sure they will pass the word around that he is an excellent speaker…..and if they weren’t already reading his articles, they will be now.

– The Family Council at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health