How Canada's #aging demographics are adding to the strain on our health-care system. by @stuartxthomson via @ottawacitizen #cdnhealth

Even if I squint at this and put on my rosiest of rosy glasses, I simply can't see how anyone who is being honest can be optimistic about this graph. 1st the frequency of waves is showing no sign of slowing down. We get a peek every 3 mnths. 2nd the troughs are getting higher 🤷‍♂️

This powwow-dancing Grinch has been turning heads at the Ochapowace Cree Nation's annual Christmas dinners!

Chance Bear has been dressing up since 2017 and is now asked to dance at community events around Saskatchewan.

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Give Good Health To Anyone, Anywhere: Making A Donation to Honor the Vision of Dr. Paul Farmer of @PIH, by @zeynep via @NYTopinion @drandrewb #GlobalHealth #sdoh

Les visages de l’épidémie invisible | Jonathan Phoenix Boulard a toujours été un gars qui aime bouger, par @PhilMercure via @lp_lapresse

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