Crisis in Care: 6.5 million Canadians don't have a primary care provider. A public forum on the crisis in primary care and how to resolve the shortage of family doctors, hosted by @mattgallowaycbc via @TheCurrentCBC

Sitting in for Matt on @TheCurrentCBC today, to continue the conversation about the health care crisis.

The federal Minister of Health joins us to explain his health care proposal + @picardonhealth to make sense of the eye-popping numbers & what it means for you and your health.

Tuesday’s meeting of Canada’s top leaders was little more than a gathering of pencil-pushing accountants, each trying to burnish their bottom line. Where is the “vision” and real reform required to get medicare back on track? By @picardonhealth #cdnhealth

Can't say it better than @picardonhealth "What we need from our leaders is some true leadership, for example a firm commitment that every Canadian will have ready access to a primary care provider... an initiative we could cost out, invest in & measure its progress in real time."

André Picard @picardonhealth

Lots of numbers, little imagination: The $196.1-billion federal funding deal won’t fix health care, by @picardonhealth via ⁦@GlobeDebate⁩

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