Hotel Rwanda hero’s trial, and how we remember the genocide. Q+A w/ ⁦@geoffreyyork⁩ on #TheDecibel podcast 🎙 via ⁦@globeandmail⁩

"you'll be an endangered species"
"we have you in our cross hairs"
"child murderer"
"lizardly Big Pharma mouthpiece"
This is the kind of thoughtful feedback you get when you write about #vaccination. #COVID19 #PandemicJournalism

Oh good lord. . .What is wrong with these people?
"I was by myself in the ER when the Emergency physician came in and said:
'You have a brain tumour. I'll come back later and explain it to you' - and then he left the room"
@clairehsnyman tells her story

Do what you love – and take it easy: 8 ways to get back lost fitness and motivation. The pandemic has left many of us feeling tired, out of sorts and beaten. But it's possible to get your #exercise rhythm back, by @thedalstonyears via @guardian

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