Superb piece by @BhramarBioStat via @PLOSGPH blog on why excess deaths during the pandemic are key

"The cry for accurate mortality data is not just about paying respect to the dead but these measures have serious implications for the lives of the living"

How Public Health Failed America:🇺🇸 The U.S. clearly failed to heed expert advice, but there’s plenty of blame to go around, by @DrJayVarma via @TheAtlHealth @HelenBranswell #COVID19

Thread on BCG vaccination for Covid-19

In 2020, there were ecological studies suggesting BCG might protect against Covid

I had this @forbes piece advocating for more trial evidence:

What do you get when you mix #racism and easy access to guns? The Buffalo Massacre. via @NYTopinion #GunControl #GunViolence

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