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New Book – March 2, 2021

It took the coronavirus pandemic to open our eyes to the deplorable state of so many of the nation”s long-term care homes: the inhumane conditions, overworked and underpaid staff, and lack of oversight. In this timely new book, esteemed health reporter André Picard reveals the full extent of the crisis in eldercare, and offers an urgently needed prescription to fix a broken system.

In Neglected No More, André Picard takes a hard look at how we came to embrace mass institutionalization, and lays out what can and must be done to improve the state of care for our elders, a highly vulnerable population with complex needs and little ability to advocate for themselves.


"America will never be fully safe until the pandemic that’s raging globally is under control” -- U.S. to send 20 million doses of Pfizer, Moderna and J+J vaccine to countries in need -- along with 60 million doses of AstraZeneca once it's cleared @nytimes

Makes little sense that many/most Canadian universities are not requiring students to be fully vaccinated before coming to campus in the Fall.

Ron Siwicki failed his mother. Who failed him? A Winnipeg family’s horror shows the limits of #eldercare at home. Reporter @WencyLeung discusses this fascinating and troubling story on #TheDecibel podcast. via @globeandmail

Quebec reports 551 new #COVID19 cases Monday – its lowest number of daily infections since September. In Ontario, everyone 18+ is now eligible for #vaccination via @globeandmail

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