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New Book – March 2, 2021

It took the coronavirus pandemic to open our eyes to the deplorable state of so many of the nation”s long-term care homes: the inhumane conditions, overworked and underpaid staff, and lack of oversight. In this timely new book, esteemed health reporter André Picard reveals the full extent of the crisis in eldercare, and offers an urgently needed prescription to fix a broken system.

In Neglected No More, André Picard takes a hard look at how we came to embrace mass institutionalization, and lays out what can and must be done to improve the state of care for our elders, a highly vulnerable population with complex needs and little ability to advocate for themselves.


As Margaret Eaton, national chief executive officer of @CMHA_NTL has said, investing in the mental health of Canadians “is the key to our collective recovery from COVID-19 and beyond.”
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For Doug Ford’s government, the selfish freedom to decide not to be vaccinated trumps the consequences, by @bruce_arthur via @torontostar #COVID19 #onpoli #vaccination

“He held me tight and said he would never leave me again” — Couple, aged 89 and 87, reunited after spending 100 days apart in hospital due to #COVID19 restrictions via @MailOnline @NeglectedNo

How Social Media Turned ‘Prioritizing Mental Health’ Into a Trap. It becomes both a brave accomplishment and a luxury, and encourages more investment in social media, not less, by @amandahess via @NYTmag #SoMe #MentalHealth

Indigenous or pretender? Carrie Bourassa, one of the country’s most esteemed #Indigenous health experts, claims to be Métis, Anishinaabe and Tlinglit. Some of her colleagues say there’s no evidence of that, by @gleocbc via @cbcnews @cblackst

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