Mr. Andre Picard

We are proud to confer upon Mr. André Picard the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa for his advocacy and tireless efforts to improve the Canadian health-care system.

Mr. Picard is an award-winning health journalist, best-selling author, renowned speaker and an advocate for improving the health of Canadians. Widely considered the top health journalist in the country, his approach of researching, documenting and sharing health issues through the eyes of patients, health-care workers, caregivers, and other often-forgotten individuals provides compelling insight into everyday challenges.

His broad scope of research areas, including HIV/AIDS, mental illness, health-care reform, food safety, child obesity and the nursing shortage informs the public on relevant, timely and real-world issues. The light he shines on complex issues through his writing makes a positive difference on how the public, government, and policy makers work toward the better health of Canadians. He is currently the Scholar-in-Residence at the Conference Board of Canada where he has just completed a book on health-care reform.

Mr. Picard has received numerous awards, including the Centennial Prize of the Pan American Health Organization as the top public health reporter in the Americas, the Michener Prize for Meritorious Public Service Journalism from the Governor-General and the Hyman Solomon Award from the Public Policy Forum.